Guirec van Slingelandt - Partner


Guirec van Slingelandt has a master degree in Law with specialization on Intellectual
Property. He became partner of the Volterra Group, the holding company of Global Film
Partners, European Film Company and Montecatini Talent Agency in 2005. In Volterra
Guirec is responsible for Business Development and Special projects.


Guirec is Managing Director for Streets of the World and responsible for the International
Production Unit of the European Film Company.


Daniel Koefoed - Partner


Daniel studied Law at the University of Amsterdam. He was a lawyer for fiveyears for ENDEMOL Entertainment, where he was responsible for various companies, television productions, events, artist management and theaterproductions. He then moved on to STAGE Entertainment, where he was Secretary Director for the board of directors of StageEntertainment. In 1999 Daniel founded Montecatini Talent Agency, which later became part of Volterra Group.

Daniel is Partner and CEO of Volterra Group. With production company Pellicola, a subsidiary of Volterra, Daniel produced (amongst others) DEAD END, FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, AS IF I AM CRAZY and THE WINDMILL.